Scrip Program

How SCRIP works!

Gift cards are available for a wide variety of businesses. You buy the cards at face value. We have obtained them at a discount, with the savings listed as the "PROFIT" on the list on the order form (available as attachment at bottom of page). That savings is then split between your own family account and the band account. You may use your funds for annual fees, band banquet, Hawaii trip, etc. You may also "cash in" the rebate to obtain gift cards. We cannot pay out the money directly to families due to federal regulations for nonprofit groups. Your family and friends can also buy on your behalf – just have them let us know what family to apply the 'profit' to. 

Example of Savings


Harding's has a card to swipe when checking out, and can be used with any form of payment. ESCRIP # 500006340

Meijer Rewards works with cash and swiping their Meijer 1 card, or by using a Meijer credit card and enrolling the card online in the rewards program. Please ask for a Meijer brochure that explains in detail. MEIJER REWARDS # 448412


Place an order today!


Erik and Laura Kayser 
269-998-4855 or

Placing an Order:
Attached below is a fillable order form that lists all vendors in inventory and will automatically calculate the amount due. Purchases can be made many ways:

  1. Simply send your order via email to or text/call Erik or Laura Kayser at 269-998-4855 to place your order.  We can make arrangements for pickup or delivery at the time of the order.  For a complete list of vendors and profit percentages see attached listing, or go online to and click on “Shop”.

  2. Order your cards through on-line ordering at  Payment can be made via ACH (called “PrestoPay”), check or cash.  There are three different types of cards (ordering instructions are attached):

  • Physical (Plastic) Cards

  • Reloadable Cards (Plastic)  - Add funds to a plastic gift card purchased from Great Lakes Scrip either overnight or immediately for retailers that offer the “Reload” and “Reload Now” product (see attached for participating vendors).

  • Electronic Cards – Use “ScripNow” to order electronic gift cards from vendors that participate in the program.  Either print and redeem in stores or redeem from your iphone or android (see attached for participating vendors).

If you are interested in on-line ordering, please contact Erik or Laura Kayser for the enrollment code.  

  1. Purchase the night of the event 
  2. Email or call Erik and Laura Kayser for orders year round!
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